Lost Property Deed – Replacement Procedure

What is involved in the process of replacing lost property deed ?
A property deed consists of three important documents. They are title plan, property register and the registered documents. You can apply for the documents that you need and get them in a day. What is more, you can now request for replacement of lost property deed online as well. All you have to do is log into the website of the provider and submit a request. You receive communication from the registrar within after placing the request for the deed. You receive all the property deeds documents within days.

The process however, might take longer if the deeds documents and form that you requested are not yet digitized. In this case, the online registrar informs you of the same. You will then have to visit the land registrar of your county and place a request. The lost property deed can usually reach you within a week or ten days at the most.

How much does it cost to replace a Lost Property Deed ?
Replacing a lost property deed costs nothing if you do it yourself. If you employ a professional for the job, you will have to shell out the basic fees.
Lost Property Deed Replacement
The significance of finding lost property deed
A lost property deed can be a major liability. Property deeds are proofs of your ownership over the property and so, having a copy of property deed with you is important for a number of reasons. You might need the papers for mortgage against loans, to hand it over in the form of inheritance and in case some dispute over ownership comes up in the future. Lost property deed can cause a lot of trouble if the deed is required at some point of time in the near or far future. Although you might not need the deed in the short term, it is always good to have the deed with you in case you a requirement arises.

Finding lost property deeds is much easier now
In the past, finding lost property deed was a very difficult and cumbersome process. However, with the age of digitization, the process has become very easy since property deed records are available online in the computers of the Land Registry Department. You can find most of the title deeds in this place. Also, digitization has now made the process of finding lost property deed much faster as well. The copies can be obtained as and when you want. It only takes a day to find the deeds. So, it is much more convenient.